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Haotian Silicone Technology Co., LTD is a Disney / NBCUniversal Audited factory in Dongguan,  committed to providing customers with complex,  multi-colors silicone products customized solutions. We have a professional  engineering team over 10years experienced, quick and efficiency reaction.

Adhering to the "customer first", "hard service", partners throughout the world, with many well-known enterprises to establish long-term cooperative partnership.          
Business philosophy: pay attention to professional quality, respect for customer characteristics, focus on long-term development, the pursuit of win-win cooperation;           
Development of vision: Rome was not built in one day ,attentively to become the industry silicone gifts leader.

Welcome any silicone products customization

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Haotian Silicone Technology Co., LTD before the establishment, under the Dongguan Haotian jewelry silicone Division, with the "silicone multi-color one molding process" commonly known as in-mold transfer, referred to as IMR, with the technology more and more mature, more widely used , For better service customers, in 2015 by the "silicone multi-color one molding process" patent holders, and a well-known investors in Taiwan jointly set up Haotian Silicone Technology Co., Ltd..

As a Disney & NBCUniversal factory, we always care workers' profit, and ensure to be a good mood in our factory, we like a big family, hold party to celebrate for everyone's birthday, organize dinner, trip and sports  variable-interval, we grow and win together!

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  • ISO9001


  • IMR Patent

    IMR Patent

  • Disney FAMA Certificate

    Disney FAMA Certificate

  • NBCUniversal Wavier Certificate

    NBCUniversal Wavier Certificate

  • FDA Certificate

    FDA Certificate

  • EN-71 Certifcate

    EN-71 Certifcate

  • RoHS Certificate

    RoHS Certificate

  • LFGB Certificate

    LFGB Certificate

  • PATH Certificate

    PATH Certificate

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    EU Certificate

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    EC Certificate

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    DMP Certificate

  • Factory Overview

    Factory Overview

  • Silicone Mould Workshop

    Silicone Mould Workshop

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    Silicone printing workshop

  • Silicone workshop

    Silicone workshop

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    Silicone Dispensing Line

  • Silicone workshop

    Silicone workshop

  • Anti-static treatment workshop

    Anti-static treatment workshop

  • Packing Line

    Packing Line

  • Silicone Baking

    Silicone Baking

  •  Quality Inspection

    Quality Inspection

  • Silicone Showroom

    Silicone Showroom

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    Silicone Material Workshop

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    Silicone Finished product

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    Technical Team

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