Las Vegas Trade Show On March 17-20,2019


Haotian Silicone is Disney / NBCUniversal / ISO audit factory, custom silicone gift, silicone souvenirs, complex, multi-color silicone product. Has Patented Silicone IMR Technology, Multi-Colors one-batch mold, compatiable with customer's requirement very well. 

On March 17th, we came to Winchester, Virginia, USA to participate in the exhibition. Put our products, our requirements for quality, our determination of delivery, directly to customers.

Disney NBCUniversal ISO audit factory.jpg

Many customers, seeing our new craftsmanship are full of praise, marvel at the richness of the colors, the delicate patterns, and the uneven touch. We are  not only a simple silicone product customization factory, but also has an excellent R&D team. The “Multi-Colors one-batch mold” process is just the beginning.

Disney NBCUniversal ISO audit factory2.jpg

The three-day exhibition was unveiled on March 21th , and the foreign trade team triumphantly returned. On the last day of the exhibition, many customers bought samples of “Multi-Colors one-batch mold” from us, saying that they were very beautiful and wanted to bring them back to their superiors.

Disney NBCUniversal ISO audit factory3.jpg

We will serve every customer with sincerity, solve customer problems from a professional perspective, and retain customers with quality.