Toyko International Gift Show Sep 3-6th 2019


Toyko international gift show haotian silicone.jpg

Haotian Silicone factory attend the 88th Toyko International Gift Show Autunm on Sep 3-6th 2019 in Toyko Japan, we specialized in customized Silicone & PVC Gifts, Silicone & PVC Souvenirs, Silicone & PVC Comic Related Products!

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We have Patented Silicone IMR Technology, Multi-Colors one-batch mold, compatiable with various customers' requirements very well. No need simplify color or pattern, Maximum actualize your design.

Many customers visited our booth, check our IMR products, feel that it's really Amazing, How to print so many colors on silicone product with so fantastic effect? Customers really like them, they're unique!

Glad to meet all customers that visit us! We had a successfully exhibition. Wish to meet you next year!

TOYKO Gift show 2019 - Haotian silicone.jpg

Without getting the physical sample, you can not image how it really like and feeling! Welcome to inquiry for sample, we look forward to work you. Thank you!