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   During Corona Virus, Haotian silicone delay work as we expected 3th Feb. Finally Corona virus has been controlled successfully under all doctors' and government's hard work!

 According to government's instructions, the factory implements full coverage of health report management and temperature detection for corporate employees who enter and leave the workplace. When entering the workplace, consciously accept the body temperature test arranged by the company, perform hand washing and disinfection, and fill in the daily health test statistical form according to the employee report and the company test results.

     And strengthen the flow control, strictly control group activities such as meetings, dinners, training, etc., by using video conferencing and other forms of meals, separated by more than 1 meter during meals, etc., to minimize personnel flow and gathering; meanwhile, for factories and offices The area is disinfected twice a day.

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    Haotian silicone is are Disney/Sedex audit factory, ISO9001 approved, specialized in custom silicone products.

    During the resumption of work, support to fight with Corona virus, we take precedence to produce Silicone Vivalnk-FeverScout for body temperature detection, use exclusively for hospital. The silicone feverscout is attached to the patient body directly. Doctor only need monitor the patient's body temperature through the mobile phone, without directly contact with the patient, reducing the risk of infection.


Welcome to custom silicone products

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