Hand Sanitizer, Necessary Prevent Corona Virus


Hand Sanitizer , Necessary For Corona Virus Situation

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) is more and more serious, continues to be top of mind globally, the strict protection is necessary for everyone, wear mask( N95, KN95, Medical mask,disposable mask) and disinfect for hands by sanitizer frequently to keep safe!

In order to carry the sanitizer and use more conveniently, silicone holder is the best choice for your hand sanitizer bottle, you can hand on your bag, with keychain ect.

We have various existing mold to fit different sizes for 30ml / 50ml /60ml bottles, customized design is also available.

Exiting mold for 30ml / 50ml /60ml bottles:  blank without character

30ml hand sinitizer bottle holder 1.jpg30ml hand sinitizer bottle holder 2.jpg30ml hand sinitizer bottle holder 3.jpg50ml hand sinitizer bottle holder 2.jpg50ml hand sinitizer bottle holder.jpg60ml hand sinitizer bottle holder.jpg

Exiting mold for 30ml:  with character, existing 12 animal characters are available, or customized design is also workable, use the current holder, only need change the character with your required design! Save your mold cost!

Hand sanitizer holder-existing.jpgHand sanitizer holder -bag tag.jpg

Related Customized cases ( Ps: Below items Just for reference, not for resale)

Disney Series

Disney silicone sanitizer holder.jpg


silicone sanitizer holder advantage.png

pocketbac dettol BBW sanitizer holder.png

We sincerely hope the virus will be eliminated, and everything recover soon. Everyone will be safe!

If you need any help. please kindly let us know, thank you!

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