Haotian Silicone Approved ISO9001 Quality Management System


   ISO9001 Certificate   

Dec 6th 2017,Haotian Silicone Technology Co., Ltd got ISO9001 Quality Certification, valid date from 6th Dec 2017 to 4th Dec 2020.

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The issuance of ISO certificate stand for the approval of the whole factory quality management system, which indicates that the enterprise can provide qualified products and services stably, customers can work with the enterprise confidently. 

Haotian silicone employees have a high quality and the concept of corporate culture, always carry out "safety, saving, refinement, innovation, sharing" concept in working.

Since the factory has been built, always keep quality first, attaches great importance to the induction training for new employees, and often carries out field expansion training,training cultivate team cohesion and solidarity.

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The ISO quality management system, does not belong to the Haotian silicone, but belongs to all the Haotian staffs. cause we have such a group of energetic, enthusiastic and passionate employees, Haotian obtained the ISO9001 quality management system certification successfully after receiving the authorization from Disney and Universal Studios.

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